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Finding the right financing for your business can be hard, we make it easy.

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There are dozens of loan types, hundreds of lenders and thousands of brokers. It's safe to say navigating the business finance ecosystem is difficult, we make it easy.

Leveraging technology, we match your needs and business data with the loan product & lender to fit your current situation, giving you what you want: Better options with a simple and fast sign up. Transparency. Consistency.

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You know what your business needs to succeed, and we'll show you how to get there. Connect with the best financing solutions for your company.

The rate and term are based on the type of loan product you qualify for. The lenders will look at your credit, time in business & business financials to determine credit worthiness.

To protect your credit a soft credit pull is used to determine the best loan options for your business. Once you decide to move forward with a particular lender, they will do a single hard pull prior to release of funds.

Applied Metrix uses bank level encryption to protect your data.

We work with all types of financial institutions and can get your business monthly, weekly or daily payments.

We also have loan products that go from 30 days to 10 years in term.

Each type of loan products have their own rates. Check out our loan product pages to learn more.

Absolutely, we have lenders on our platform that specialize in startup financing. We can even help you start accepting payments from your customers.

Our team has over 20+ combined years of experience in finance. We have a deep understanding of what each type of lender requires and more importantly we know what they don't want to see. This allows us to strategically place your company for the best results.

Absolutely, there are lenders on our platform that specialize in helping business owners with bad credit.

Check out our Metrix That Matter program to see how we can help you improve your lender score.